Equipment in the group of Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky and Prof. Dr. Michael Bau:

ICP-MS (Perkin Elmer, NexION 350X) (with APEX, ESI and SeaFAST S2, ESI)

ICP-OES (Spectro, Ciros Vision)

Pico Trace DAS high-pressure high-temperature digestion system

TOC/DOC (Analytik Jena)

Voltammetric measuring stands (797 and 757 VA Computrace, as well as an Autolab PGSTAT204 incl. 663 VA Stand, Metrohm)

IC (Metrohm)

Geochemistry Lab at Jacobs University Bremen
(picture by E. Kurahashi)
(picture by E. Kurahashi)
ICP-MS and Apex
(picture by E. Kurahashi)
(picture by E. Kurahashi)